2020 BATA Symposium: Saturday Program


2020 BATA Virtual Symposium: Saturday Program


8:00-8:45       Registration


8:45-9       Welcome (Ashley Rogols, President of BATA, & Katherine Jackson, Symposium Chair


9-10:30     Concurrent Sessions (workshops) All workshops are open to all, you must provide your own art materials

·         Moving Through: An Embodied & Creative Approach to Healing Racism

Do you want to contribute to the community with more clarity and love as we address and heal from racism? Do you seek more embodied practices and wisdom to support being an ally to people of color? This workshop will address these questions and explore ways to increase cultural competency and heal racism.  Presenters will share key understandings about racial oppression, white privilege, and color blindness and the use of the creative modalities to aid in understanding of our own socialized racial bias.


Presenter(s):   Heather Denning, MA, ATR-BC, LSW and Jennifer Denning, BA

Art Materials needed: 12x 18 drawing paper, colored pencils, markers, oil and chalk pastels

  • ·         The Use of Art with the Homeless Population: A Search for Identity

The use of illustration as an art therapy intervention has been shown to empower diverse clients. The focus of this presentation will be how the first presenter used illustration with adults who experience homelessness to promote identity development and healing. The presenters will discuss the experience of homelessness, the benefits of illustration in art therapy, and the findings of the first author’s research project.


Presenter(s):   Mike Boyce, B.A. and Jessica Headley, PhD, LPCC

Art materials needed: None

9:00-10:30 Concurrent Sessions (Papers/open dialogues)

  • ·         A Short-Term Art Therapy Group Model in the Homeless Community

Student and Supervisor perspectives of group art therapy facilitation within an adult male homeless shelter will explore clinical experiences, limitations, and successes of group art therapy. Presentation will include reflection and discussion of community-based group art therapy experiences as well as provide specific art interventions used with homeless population.



Presenter(s): Melissa Haldek MA, ATR-BC, LPC and Leslie Cancelliere, BA      

·         Introducing Digital Art Therapy in Adolescent Group Work

This presentation offers an overview about introducing digital art therapy to adolescents in a partial hospitalization program. Content will include sharing the benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations experienced when implementing digital media with this population and for a group setting. Digital art therapy interventions and examples will also be presented.


Presenter(s): Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC, ATCP and Isabella Quinn, BA

  • ·         Survival Skills for COVID 19 Telehealth Therapy (open dialogue/chat)

Join fellow art therapists for an open forum/chat on best practices for art therapy via telehealth during the COVID 19      pandemic.


      Facilitator: Tammy Shella, Ph.D., ATR-BC

  • ·         Legislation and Art Therapy Licensure 101

Learn about Art Therapy licensure, how legislation works, and all the nuts/bolts of our bi


Facilitator: Ashley Skelly, MA, ATR, LPCC


10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-12:15-Plenary- Ethics

  • ·         Feminist Ethical Decision-Making in Clinical Practice

The presenters aim to introduce how a feminist ethical decision-making approach can shape delivery of care. A feminist ethical decision-making model extends traditional models that emphasize the use of logic when choosing a pertinent course of action by integrating the role of emotion and intuition, as well as feminist values.



Presenter(s):   Jessica Headley, PhD, LPCC; Fawn Gordon, LPC; & Chase Morgan-Swaney, LPC, NCC

12:15-12:30 Break

12:30 -2:00    BATA Business Meeting – BYOB your own lunch and join us for the business meeting


2:00 -2:15     Break      

2:15-3:45       Concurrent Sessions (workshops and/or panel) All workshops are open, but you will need to supply your own art materials

  • ·   Exploring Symbols from Nature (Panel discussion)

This presentation will highlight the topic of symbolism and connection to the beginning concepts of art therapy.  Symbols convey multiple meanings and add depth to personal expression. Mercyhurst University’s undergraduate art therapy students will share their exploration of symbols from nature through literature review, personal connection, and reflective artmaking. 


Presenter(s)    Heather Denning, MA, ATR-BC, LSW, and Olivia Andazola,    Ashleigh Merry Amber Marshall, Mackenzie Willbanks

  • ·         Integrating Feminist Theory into Art Therapy Practice (Workshop)

Integrating feminist theory into art therapy practice offers clinicians an avenue to address gender, power and privilege, and the role of culture in contributing to client distress. Through art, clients can learn ways to promote expression and increase their sense of empowerment in meaningful ways. This session will introduce specific feminist art therapy strategies.


Presenter(s):   Jessica Headley, PhD, LPCC and Melissa Hladek, MA, LPC, ATR-BC

Art Materials needed: White drawing paper- 2 options 8 1/2 x 11 and 12x18, Variety of drawing materials: markers, colored pencils, oil/chalk pastels, Scissors & Glue sticks


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