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  • 01 Sep 2020 8:46 PM
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    Molly (Mary) K. Kometiani (Administrator)

    From Marilyn Rock’s Little Fatbook, 2006

    Fat books, altered art, are a collection of 4” by 4” pages made and collaged, usually to a theme. Fatbook pages are similar to Artist Trading Cards, but larger in size and embellished with a variety of items, which make the books “fat.” Michelle Tackacs from Schenectady, NY, is credited with making the first fatbook in 2002. Jacky Martin is the moderator for this project. 

    The theme of the fatbook is "Empowerment.” Please design a page with 5 things that you find empowering for your self. These aspects can reflect on personal and professional characteristics, skills, and strengths. Your fatbook page needs to be uploaded to this page by September 8th in order to give other participants time to print all of the pages. The back of the page is usually decorated as well, because it is seen as the pages are turned. However, the back page does not need to be as decorated as the front of the page. On the back page, your name, e-mail address (optional), the date you made it and the theme of the fatbook need to be added. For examples of fatbooks, visit www.pinterest.com and www.esty.comhttp://www.etsy.com

    The collaged fatbook pages need to be made and printed on cardstock. Text weight paper (such as notebook paper or copy paper) is too thin and will tear away from the binding. Mat board is too thick and holes cannot be punched through it to bind it.

    During the Fatbook Virtual Exchange Workshop, we recommend that you have the following materials:

    1. Printed copies of all fatbook pages obtained.

    2. A paper punch.

    3. Jump rings to fasten the pages together. They can be purchased at office supply stores and at Target https://www.target.com/p/8ct-binder-rings-up-38-up-8482/-/A-14045791

    4. Adhesive such as glue stick or glue.

    5. Embellishments such as stickers, old jewelry, old/unfinished artwork, etc. Images can be gathered from postcards, calendars, maps, old letters/ cards, as well as magazines and catalogues. 

    We look forward to seeing your empowering images!

    Jacquelyn M. Martin M.Ed, ATR-BC, HLM

    Mary (Molly) Kometiani, MA, ATR-BC, LPCC, Resources@buckeyearttherapy.org

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